Suppurating [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Suppurating:

THE more Buboes there are, so that they suppurate, the better.

Then they suppurate, and in the end amputation becomes necessary.

Wounds carefully protected from contact with impure air do not suppurate, and organic fluids do not putrefy.

The glands do not suppurate, but the adenitis may remain as a chronic manifestation in scrofulous subjects.

When the outer skin begins to suppurate, it should be removed with a pair of pincers, and the patch treated as an open wound.

The skin may suppurate or slough more or less over the areas of greatest tension or where it is irritated by blows or pressure.

In cases in which the mucous membrane is affected, the submaxillary lymph gland may also become enlarged and suppurate.

In two only, out of those I attended while in Germany, they came on early in the Fever, but did not suppurate.

When boils progress to the stage where they appear about to "point" then stop and do not suppurate, Echinacea is the remedy.

Miss H. has small pustules and great inflammation of her arms, with but one pustule likely to suppurate.