Supra [adjective]

Definition of Supra:

earlier, above

Opposite/Antonyms of Supra:

Sentence/Example of Supra:

Supra fasciam, denticuli; supra denticulos, folia Corinthia.

The seventh objection is that we have already discussed ('supra', p. 178).

Regarding the Indian native princes, see Archer and Chirol, supra.

The ball is slightly different from figure B (supra), in that it is here perfect, and figure B gives but two parts of the missile.

See description of the argument of the case of the Nereid, supra, 133-34.

See Marshall's opinion in Cohens vs. Virginia, supra, 347-57.

See Marshall's statement of this principle, supra, 293, 355.

Compare with Marshall's language in Cohens vs. Virginia, supra, 355.

(Trouble) Clay, supra; 135Jackson, several letters to Butler.

The question has already been fully discussed (supra, pp. 54-57).