Supremely [adverb]

Definition of Supremely:

without flaw

Synonyms of Supremely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supremely:

Sentence/Example of Supremely:

Both rooms were large and furnished in a style that had been supremely luxurious in 1878.

She had lost the few remaining days in which she could have been supremely happy.

And in as much as he can continue to repeat them to himself, he is supremely content.

I was crying like a child at the sight of it all, but none the less I was supremely happy.

This vigor is supremely great, and in the highest degree unbending.

He returned them as became a man who was supremely pious and devout.

There, there; don't look so supremely indignant and contemptuous.

As he took his place that evening at the supper-table, he was supremely happy.

He was surprised by his supremely shameless bitterness at this juncture.

But he turned in before midnight, because he dreaded the next day supremely.