Surcharge [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Surcharge:

As to the surcharge, I'll take care of that A beautiful creature, is not she, Mary?

It is a white cast iron, made by a surcharge of ore in the furnace.

This surcharge will raise revenues by some $4.5 billion in the first year.

The quarterly form was best adapted to admit of this surcharge, as the harp was to occupy the centre of the Union flag.

By a surcharge of ore, which deranges the action of the furnace, and produces impure cinder, containing uncombined iron.

It does occur, but as an exception; and it is due not to a desire for food but tergo to a surcharge of energy demanding discharge.

Independently of the variations in printing, there are two types of surcharge.

Every one knows his expenses; there is no surcharge, and fees to waiters are voluntary, and never asked for.

To use a lower value would tempt the counterfeiting of the surcharge, for the profit to be made through the increased value.

Their income is mainly derived from the local rate, a surcharge of one-twelfth on the land revenue.