Surfaces [noun]

Definition of Surfaces:

external part of something

Synonyms of Surfaces:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surfaces:

Sentence/Example of Surfaces:

They had no maps of the surfaces of the planets to be visited.

Or, how could the surfaces of geometrical figures have formed solids?

The surfaces which are to be welded together should also be dry.

Lead sulphate is being formed on the surfaces, and in the body of the plates.

First clean all the surfaces which are to be welded together.

One kind hardens the surfaces without any decorative effect.

In other words, the axes of figure of the two surfaces must coincide.

Surfaces were for him, too, something to be "deepened" with a fresh vividness.

They are hardest and most solid on their surfaces, and hollow, or spongy, inside.

The rest—nearly all of them—depend on the texture of their surfaces for colour.