Surfacing [verb]

Definition of Surfacing:

come to the top of

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Sentence/Example of Surfacing:

At this date also commences the art of surfacing articles of earthenware.

To summarize the features of surfacing varnish, note: First.

Surfacing, they swam about for the sheer joy of swimming, then dived again.

I certainly had vigorously impressed upon me the necessity of surfacing.

Those employing knives having straight edges for surfacing purposes and cutting the work to thickness.

The actual work of rubbing or surfacing varnish may be classed as an art.

There must also be change wheels, studs and quadrant plates, self-acting feed for surfacing and cross slide, and clamping nuts.

Set him to work at surfacing off a pair of disks or plates, say one and a half inches in diameter, sop.

If some amateur craftsman should prefer to do his own surfacing, thereby saving somewhat on the expense, he should add 1/4 in.

Steam cylinders for mangling, ironing and surfacing paper, effect smoothing and drying at one operation.