Surged [verb]

Definition of Surged:

rush, usually in liquid form

Synonyms of Surged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surged:

Sentence/Example of Surged:

Instantly, Martin's cordiality vanished; his hostility toward her surged.

How we surged and panted, and fought one another for our sacred lives!

Roma was lifted off her feet by the breaker of human beings201 that surged around.

Again the thoughts surged and surged, and the past intruded itself!

It burned and surged from my trembling fingers into the flesh of her forearm.

He surged and sped out so swiftly that I was simply paralyzed.

A wave of Mercurians surged in, to be seared into nothingness by his weapon.

How maintain his calm amid that host, which surged and fretted like the sea in a storm?

The crowd––men, now, for the women had fled shrieking––surged that way.

I stared like one in a dream, and my head felt as if all the blood in my body had surged into it.