Surliest [adjective]

Definition of Surliest:

gruff, bearish

Synonyms of Surliest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surliest:

Sentence/Example of Surliest:

"You have done very well," remarked the Brabanter in a surly voice.

Our steward was a Portuguese negro, of the most vicious and surly temper.

He would not have been a Briton if these untoward combinations of events had not made him surly.

She was a Socitaire of the Comdie, old, spiteful, and surly.

He had to bid him go back in a surly tone, and his heart smote him while he did so.

These, my soldiers, were a little while ago as wild and surly as you are now.

"Set about it," was the surly command, and Ramiro turned again to me.

His tone was surly and hostile; but it provoked no resentment in me now.

He was well-educated, but of a surly disposition and insubordinate.

And he was so bad-tempered that the other giants called him Sharvan the Surly.