Surmounting [verb]

Definition of Surmounting:

overcome, triumph over

Synonyms of Surmounting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surmounting:

Sentence/Example of Surmounting:

Surmounting its Early English tower is a spire of later date.

Surmounting the central dome is a colossal statue of the Virgin.

Yet in her clear eye was a fortitude, surmounting adversity.

This head-gear, surmounting a small black face, is laughable in the extreme.

Surmounting the wall, I approached the spot where I had seen the reiver first.

Upon the top of the heap fell he, surmounting the strata of policemen.

Surmounting all was a colossal statue of the emperor himself.

This is a puzzler, but there is an apparent way of surmounting the difficulty.

They had been gathered here, and surmounting them was the coq gaulois.

Apparently he was accustomed to obstacles, and the surmounting of them was all in the day's work.