Surnames [noun]

Definition of Surnames:

family name

Synonyms of Surnames:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surnames:


Sentence/Example of Surnames:

She had never known the surname, and on two of the cards "Ph." appeared.

The signature was extended in full, with the surname blackly underlined.

This is the surname of several renowned gastronomers of old Rome.

They called him Anarchisto de Barcelona, as if it were his Christian name and surname.

“Whatever your surname may be, it makes no difference to me,” was his reply.

Surname or nickname; but are there any philosophers at the court of France?

His father liked Henry so well for a surname that he had him christened Henry, too.

They are distinguished by that of their tribe, or some other surname.

He was known, then, to the master and mistress, this Giovanni with the Irish surname.

He was called Peter the Hermit because he was a hermit, and not, as some have maintained, because it was his surname.