Surpasses [verb]

Definition of Surpasses:

outdo something or someone

Synonyms of Surpasses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surpasses:

Sentence/Example of Surpasses:

When I came to examine it I found it so marvellous that it surpasses all my expectations.

It is a seedling of Wyoming, which it resembles in fruit and vine and surpasses in both.

Though inferior in hair, it surpasses the other in expression.

This statue, in my humble opinion, surpasses every other in the collection.

Such audacity as that surpasses all imagination; she must really be mad about you.

But the higher eventually overtakes the lower, and surpasses it in range.

In one respect he surpasses the bee—he does not destroy drones.

But Rainier surpasses them all in height, bulk, and majesty.

There is such infinity in it as comprehends and surpasses all the divine attributes.

But Saltus surpasses Poe in almost every respect save as a poet.