Surplusage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Surplusage:

But it is precisely this surplusage which has not cognitive status.

Well, it is just like I said, it is surplusage to begin with.

This was the mere wantonness and surplusage of abundant labour.

This was a surplusage of duty but not cause for impeachment.

In so far forth, they express the surplusage of vitality over need, the creative freedom of life at play.

Never had he been favored with a surplusage of the root of all evil.

Yesterday you gave us surplusage when you shot up three men in Noches.

He is not to be dreaded by widows and orphans; he is a reducer of surplusage.

Surplusage is no error, and one can hardly complain because one gets two plays for the price of one.

That out of her danger had resulted the engagement Diane had hoped for was surplusage of good luck.