Surrendering [verb]

Definition of Surrendering:

give up; resign

Opposite/Antonyms of Surrendering:

Sentence/Example of Surrendering:

One cannot acquire it, except by surrendering everything that one has.

He had no thought of surrendering, but would it not be best to retreat?

The chief argument for surrendering the province was ominous of the future.

You 'd say at once: 'Show me what rights I 'm surrendering; let me know the terms of the agreement.'

He had no wish to provoke a conflict, but he had no thought of surrendering the refugee.

Again he laughed, surrendering all his consciousness to the warm magic of her spell.

He waved his hand to me, and surrendering his horse to a hostler, entered the house.

Looking back, I am never able to forgive myself for surrendering.

He flung his arms across the table, surrendering to his sobs.

He was in favor of surrendering all the forts to the States in which they were located.