Surreptitiously [adverb]

Definition of Surreptitiously:


Synonyms of Surreptitiously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surreptitiously:

Sentence/Example of Surreptitiously:

The best of them he contrived to deal with himself, secretly and surreptitiously.

Surreptitiously Naomi pinched her hip till it felt black and blue.

As softly and as surreptitiously as it begins to rain on a cloudy day, she was crying.

He and his wife were taking lessons from Prue surreptitiously at their own home.

Why, indeed, was she back in England surreptitiously, and in that neighbourhood?

He surreptitiously wiped it off with a corner of his dish towel.

Surreptitiously he drew from his pocket a faded cabinet photograph.

Eloise had seized and squeezed her surreptitiously in the hall before they came out.

Yet, in spite of gloom, he watched her,—surreptitiously of course.

No fact was communicated that had not been surreptitiously gleaned from the investigator.