Surroundings [noun]

Definition of Surroundings:


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Sentence/Example of Surroundings:

What if it should be in this neighborhood, among these surroundings?

They have moved from the alley; the surroundings were not such as they liked.

If it is but a dream, a dream which I have placed in my surroundings, and which comes back to me at will, what of it?

The individual so affected appears to lose all sense of its surroundings.

I had never been in a place like this before, and the horror of its surroundings overcame me.

The young Englishman threw a swift glance about him, to measure his surroundings.

His thoughts, however, were brought back to his surroundings so that he remembered Peppajee.

Collecting my courage I set about to explore my surroundings.

He would tell her and, in a moment, be lost to all surroundings.

"Bully for you," he finally said, looking all about as if to size up the surroundings.