Surtout [noun]

Definition of Surtout:

heavy coat

Synonyms of Surtout:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surtout:


Sentence/Example of Surtout:

From Warren's Revere went home, got his "boots and surtout," and started.

Uncle Winthrop put on his surtout with the great fur collar.

He was one of the office-lads, and probably in his first surtout.

Balandrau, a surtout worn by the Brothers of Mercy in Portugal.

Arrows replied by drawing forth a memorandum-book from the pocket of his surtout.

There are three kinds of coats—the body, the surtout, and the great.

Burnworth took off his surtout coat, in the pocket of the lining whereof he had several pistols.

"Surtout ils ne s'avisent jamais de vouloir la modifier," &c.

Il déclare qu'il lui est fort difficile d'agir sur Vienne, surtout ouvertement.

It had produced all the effects, so far as others are concerned, for which a surtout can be coveted.