Surveillance [noun]

Definition of Surveillance:

close observation, following

Synonyms of Surveillance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surveillance:

Sentence/Example of Surveillance:

It was only during a pause for breath that he became aware of the surveillance.

Was it the consciousness of this surveillance that made every one keep the house?

It was the citoyen Beauvisage, of the Committee of Surveillance.

After awhile, he became conscious that he was under a sort of surveillance.

And then, released from surveillance, exhausted in mind and body—he fell again.

The Indian chief felt that it was necessary to redouble his surveillance.

By this time, he reasoned, there would not be a hotel in Paris free of surveillance.

For my own part, I approve of the principle of surveillance.

What kind of a term is surveillance, and what does it imply?

“Well, your surveillance upon me annoys me,” I declared abruptly.