Surveyed [verb]

Definition of Surveyed:

scrutinize, take stock of

Synonyms of Surveyed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surveyed:

Sentence/Example of Surveyed:

He handed the letter to Robert, who surveyed it with curiosity.

Weary as she was, Hester was charmed with hers, and the more charmed the more she surveyed it.

Dirk surveyed her thoughtfully; he seemed to have no answer ready.

She leaned back in her chair, and surveyed the baffled man amusedly.

Tillie surveyed the rooms, and Harriet caught her first full view of her face.

The Leopard Woman sat her donkey, and surveyed it all with appreciative eyes.

"He took me in," she began, almost apologetically to Rosa, who surveyed her with some haughtiness.

She placed it carefully in my hair, surveyed me again, and again looked at the picture.

And what he did say and what he didn't, met surprised in her mind and surveyed each other.

He surveyed the apple-pie order of the interior with vast satisfaction.