Surveying [verb]

Definition of Surveying:

scrutinize, take stock of

Synonyms of Surveying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surveying:

Sentence/Example of Surveying:

I can afford to give Jim more than he can make at surveying.

"They haven't found us yet," said Morgan, surveying the looped end of the rope ladder.

Surveying this in the glass, however, he became perceptibly reconciled.

“They are there,” said I, surveying from my vantage-ground the thinning ranks.

Von Francius turned, surveying me from head to foot, with a smile.

You better let me have her all the time we are surveying the land.

He was surveying the action of the white substance and judging the time of the process by it.

Has the mind the power of surveying its whole domain at one and the same time?

Her father, surveying the parties grimly, replied that he did not know.

And you”––surveying her face, which had the freshness of morn––“look younger!