Surveyor [noun]

Definition of Surveyor:

civil engineer

Synonyms of Surveyor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surveyor:


Sentence/Example of Surveyor:

This Niebuhr, who was a surveyor by profession, was a young man who deserves our admiration.

The surveyor of Hartwell also notes that the "tenements there be in decay."

Mounted men, carrying the tools and instruments of the surveyor, galloped about.

He was later to become deputy-auditor and surveyor of the woods.

Alderson bore down upon him, triangulating the deck like a surveyor.

The teacher also ruled our paper for us, into little squares, like a surveyor's notebook.

No surveyor had ever happened along to give them their latitude and longitude.

The colonel took a bunch of keys and tried them on the door of the surveyor's office.

He, the clerk, cook and surveyor consult over their Lords dinner.

He ought to have told the surveyor at once that he owned the land.