Survived [verb]

Definition of Survived:

continue to live

Opposite/Antonyms of Survived:

Sentence/Example of Survived:

But she knew that she had survived them, that some great calamity had fallen upon and destroyed them.

Thacher was Avery's companion and survived to tell the tale.

Its effects were, however, beneficial to the villagers who survived.

By this traffic Germany had survived for a century and a half.

Hilary Grendon was a methodical man: that was the reason he had survived.

He had survived too many battles to be in doubt for a moment about what to do.

To those that survived it was not tragedy, but realisation and achievement.

The duchess only survived Fox a year; she died in 1806, beloved, charitable, penitent.

Diabolus, like the bad genius in the fairy tale, survived for fresh mischief.

He had survived all his sons and grandsons, except the King of Spain.