Survivors [noun]

Definition of Survivors:

remainder, remains

Synonyms of Survivors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Survivors:

Sentence/Example of Survivors:

If none exists, the survivor is entitled to the whole estate.

The survivor has the preference in the right of administration.

If there is issue the survivor has one-half the personal estate.

A homestead to the value of $1,500 is exempted for the survivor and minor children.

But I have outgone my destiny in living, to stay here the survivor of my child.

The deceased had been destitute, and the survivor was penniless.

The prisoner was really Dauger, the survivor of the two valets.

But Lem kept right on a-bein' a survivor—him en about a thousand others.

Lem finally got to believin' that he was a survivor of that carnage.

The survivor was told to go home, and tell his master of his reception.