Susceptible [adjective]

Definition of Susceptible:

exposed, naive

Opposite/Antonyms of Susceptible:

Sentence/Example of Susceptible:

It must be that Mr Verloc was susceptible to these fascinations.

You could not have come to look like this if you had been at all susceptible.

It was, indeed, just the spot to captivate a youthful and susceptible fancy.

You are susceptible, imaginative; do not demand too much, or dream too fondly.

A very small portion of the land is susceptible of cultivation.

Upon my education, I did not think him susceptible of either.

A man would be susceptible to reason and proof; I could convince him.

Samuel is as susceptible to pretty girls as children are to the measles.

But we submit that the matter is susceptible to explanation.

Unfortunately the fruit is susceptible to black-rot and shrivels after ripening.