Suspects [verb]

Definition of Suspects:

distrust; guess

Opposite/Antonyms of Suspects:

Sentence/Example of Suspects:

And Mrs. Hallam knows, or suspects, more than she's going to tell.

For the wisest woman is she who suspects that men are wiser.

I fancy he'll find us rather more like himself than he suspects.

I mean to say, one often suspects things may happen when it doesn't look so.

And whether he suspects anything, or has a glimmer of the truth, I do not know.

Ever since that night he suspects me, he watches me, he hides from me, he hates me.

If she suspects a trick, and does not rise, of course your reply is the same.

This worthy doctor tells me that he suspects she has been poisoned, Lazzaro.

He suspects me and because he suspects me tries to warn me––to be my friend.

Neither Lanier suspects the other of double dealing as to interests of either.