Suspended [adjective]

Definition of Suspended:


Synonyms of Suspended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suspended:


Sentence/Example of Suspended:

The coverlet dropped from her breast; her hand was suspended with stiff fingers.

Could she ever pardon herself for this delay, when Mordecai is suspended?

To be sure my cousin would have suspended his judgment till he could have arrived.

My mind has recovered in some degree its shaken and suspended faculties.

He appeared to have suspended his labours, and to be occupied in thought.

Holding him suspended with one hand, with the other hand he proceeded to give him a beating.

Still, still the hunter pursued; he suspended not the velocity of his course.

The Gods have suspended their thunder over the head of the apostate.

They were suspended by buoys about thirty feet below the surface of the water.

At that moment the wind dropped, and the combatants were suspended in mid-air.