Suspender [noun]

Definition of Suspender:


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Sentence/Example of Suspender:

By joining their belts and suspenders together a line was made.

They had worn their coats to town, but they ate in their striped shirts and suspenders.

His trousers were held in place by a stout strap, instead of by suspenders.

Then he shook out a reef in his suspenders, and threw back his coat.

I fastened it to my back with papa's suspenders, and then I started for the roof.

Could you abide an Angel in an unclean shirt and no suspenders?

Joe, after a surprised recognition, grinned and unknotted his suspenders.

You'll tear my coat—there go my suspenders—there goes something else!

This parachute has straps like those of a man's suspenders which hold it to his back.

Their pants or overalls were held up by a belt, as suspenders were unknown.