Sustains [verb]

Definition of Sustains:

keep up, maintain

Synonyms of Sustains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sustains:

Sentence/Example of Sustains:

The night's rest is as carefully to be fore-assured as the food that sustains you.

This is the hope that strengthens and sustains him in his effort.

What he cultivates is the tranquil mood that leads to slumber, and the calm that sustains it.

And yet as regards the physical facts of mediumship, he sustains all the investigators.

He seizes his story at the outset, and sustains its interest to the close.

But the opinion of those by whom he is surrounded approves his acts and sustains him.

If, for a century, it sustains us, it represses us for a century.

Then he sustains Scott, some say, for future political capital.

Sometimes it provokes it; always it spreads it, sustains and strengthens it.

It sustains the frequent use of the veto, and under the name of Democracy delights in the exercise of monarchical prerogative.