Suttee [noun]

Definition of Suttee:

large fire

Synonyms of Suttee:




Opposite/Antonyms of Suttee:


Sentence/Example of Suttee:

Did we wait until India herself asked for the abolition of suttee?

He issued his proclamation abolishing the Suttee in his district.

He speaks with sympathy of suttee, and he quotes the Volga-Kalmucks with approval.

Rite of suttee abolished in Hindostan by the British authorities.

She happened to have been reading about suttee in a feminist paper only a day or two before.

Some institutions referred to, like suttee, have disappeared.

This horrible death, known as suttee, was made unlawful in 1830.

She became a suttee, and was burnt the day after the body of the banker.'

His influence assisted in the abolition of the suttee, and in bringing about other reforms.

McClean-sahib has told me that suttee has been practised here as a regular thing.