Suzerain [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Suzerain:

The sons of vassals were sent to the castle of the suzerain to be brought up with his sons.

And the suzerain revenues shall all be yours; for by the bones of Othman!

Natives were, no doubt, expected to know by intuition what suzerain rights are.

He feared for his life, he said, and would not trust himself in his suzerain's hands.

Finally, if a truce is made the suzerain is bound to punish the violators.

He fought off his suzerain and enlisted allies from Burgundy.

Otherwise, the bestowal of her hand belongs to her suzerain.

In support of his suzerain the Viscount Hugues had been devastating the diocese.

John's uneasiness was not mitigated by the action of his suzerain.

Then the Headman said something to his Suzerain who made a sign that the audience was over.