Suzerainty [noun]

Definition of Suzerainty:

historically, an area ruled by a monarch

Synonyms of Suzerainty:

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Sentence/Example of Suzerainty:

Nothing was said as to the "suzerainty of her Majesty" mentioned in the Convention of 1881.

He revived the obsolete claim to suzerainty, and pretended that the Scots were rebels.

Llywelyn the Great refused to dispute the suzerainty of England.

Here he lorded it over the natives, but acknowledged the suzerainty of the Spaniards.

It is governed by a prince who is nominally under the suzerainty of Turkey.

But he was compelled to acknowledge the suzerainty of the Sultan.

The suzerainty of the Queen-Empress was accepted as a matter of course.

Their chief aim was to remove the suzerainty of the Senate over them.

Turkish suzerainty affected them only to the extent that it isolated them from the world.

But they've been intriguing for years to re-establish the suzerainty they once had over it.