Svelte [adjective]

Definition of Svelte:

thin and well-built

Synonyms of Svelte:

Opposite/Antonyms of Svelte:

Sentence/Example of Svelte:

I'd also like to meet the svelte one with store puffs and sorrel hair.

Tall, svelte, and as far as Jacques Dantin could see, she was young.

Jenny, being little and svelte, was distressed by the prevalent sumptuousness.

Bella was slender and svelte, with long straight soft beautiful silken pale red hair and white-lidded eyes of grayish green.

Lucy Carteret challenged Telfer to a game; she has a tall, svelte figure, and knows she looks well at billiards.

Seconds later, a svelte blonde whom Mallory had never seen before stepped out of the lift tube.

The Duchess of Kimberley (Ruby), a svelte aquiline-nosed woman of some forty summers, with green hair and two aigrettes.

Belle, as we have seen, was tall and slender—“svelte” was the way she liked to put it.

They have to beat around the bush and chase their friends to the swamps by throwing things like "svelte" at them.

She is standing outside the dining-room door, with her lithe, svelte figure stooped forward a little.