Swab [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Swab:

“Here, you, get a swab and mop that up,” I commanded in my harshest manner.

Then clear out on deck and swab the curry off your face, you beast!

How could I permit that swab to mock me and abuse my father as a thief?

Ill teach you how to sail a schooner and how to go about barefoot and swab decks.

A line bent to the eye of a swab for dipping it overboard in washing it.

Lower down that foresail, you swab, lower down that foresail!

Had not he possessed that, he would not have been at the head of the firm of Crank, Trunnion & Swab.

No, it was the Swab,” said Harry, “but we lost our net and all the gear last night.

I understand: you did not perceive before that I had shipped the swab.

Now, Mr Barber, swab up all this here blood, and be damned to you!