Swaddled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Swaddled:

He wanted to take the serape of the grandee and swaddle him in it.

But she had preferred to swaddle and nurse her feeling of offence, and coquet at the same time with Mashko.

There would be sad screaming and kicking were I to swaddle mine in stone-work.

Come, come, strap and string down; swaddle it round wi' sax dizzen o' wheelbands, and fasten a steel-belted fur cap ower aboon a'.

Why don't you swaddle him round with good tight girths, or secure his natural tub with a strong sorb-apple-tree hoop?

The swaddle is a piece of stout cloth about a yard square, to one corner of which is attached a long narrow band.

They take a live man, let us say Sergey Golovin, they swaddle him as a doll and they hang him by the neck until he is dead.

The one thing she would not buy was a sewing machine to make her own swaddle with, as Ilse economically counselled.