Swaggering [verb]

Definition of Swaggering:

show off; walk pompously

Synonyms of Swaggering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swaggering:

Sentence/Example of Swaggering:

There is no necessity for this swaggering self-consciousness of freedom.

"A man's a man when he's got a weapon like that," he would say with a swaggering air.

They told the old tales of the bivouac; they sang its naughty or swaggering songs.

On the contrary, I look upon you as a swaggering bully and a hoary villain.

“Swaggering old beggar,” he must have overheard a young sub.

"Give me time and I dare say I shall beat him out," was the swaggering response.

When the wine was brought, he raised his cup with a swaggering laugh.

"What the deuce," he said, swaggering mentally to hide his own shame from himself.

His step was swaggering and he looked immensely satisfied with himself.

They at once stepped on board with an independent, swaggering air.