Swaggers [verb]

Definition of Swaggers:

show off; walk pompously

Synonyms of Swaggers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swaggers:

Sentence/Example of Swaggers:

With a grin and a swagger of pure bravado Mulready turned and obeyed.

His manner was changed; there was something of a swagger in it.

He had come into the salon with a swagger, his sword-ornament clanking.

He nodded at me in a friendly way, and went out with a swagger.

He balanced himself where he stood in a swagger that marked time.

He went with a swagger, as though he walked on air, down the street.

I swing my swagger stick in the presence of Mr. Watts by way of applause.

One or two of these things he has, and he takes them without the least swagger.

For he did not smile exultantly, did not swagger one step, but was grave and modest.

His voice was low and pleasant, and he had no bravado or swagger about him.