Swain [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Swain:

The more costly the musical ingredients, the greater the swain's devotion!

A swain touched then his lute, or whatever you may call it, to his Dulcinea.

Her own swain was waiting for her, but not for that would she abjure the quest.

He called in the university for Swain, and the two went "down town" together.

Mr. Swain is an honest and an able man, though he believes in things I do not.

Fears for my own safety alone kept me from telling you and Mr. Swain.

At this moment the door opened, and Mr. Swain came in hurriedly.

"I do not fear work, Mr. Swain," I remarked, with some pride.

I pulled him into Mr. Swain's private room, where we would be free of the clerks.

I cannot bear to recall my misery of mind after Mr. Swain's death.