Swale [noun]

Definition of Swale:

wet land covered with vegetation

Synonyms of Swale:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swale:


Sentence/Example of Swale:

No breath of air stirred the foliage or the bending rushes in the swale.

"Oh, it's just that swale to the right of the driveway," said Rufus.

"He may be in the swale," muttered the watcher as he stood with his eye to the loop-hole.

There are areas of swale, or wet bottom-lands, which may be drained to advantage.

Myton is on the Swale, near its junction with the Ure, and so a little east of Boroughbridge.

Helen urged her horse after them and they broke across a corner of the swale to the woods.

The campoodies are near the watercourses, but never in the swale of the stream.

Usually straw, meadow hay, or swale hay is used for bedding.

A group of men were gathered in the swale between the shack and Shanty Town.

To Dallas, laying the blue-stem of the swale, the hours of the morning went slowly.