Swallowing [noun]

Definition of Swallowing:

taking into throat

Synonyms of Swallowing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swallowing:


Sentence/Example of Swallowing:

But they said nothing aloud, swallowing their words and doing as Robin bade them.

Mrs Gamp nodded, made as if she were swallowing, and went on.

"I'm expecting to pay you," Adams went on, swallowing again, painfully.

Will—carried to extremes, absorbing and swallowing up the rest of the personality.

I've two mouths at home which are never tired of swallowing, I can tell you!

"Not much," he grunted, swallowing a huge cup of tea at a draught.

Swallowing a lump that rose in his throat, Jim pulled open the door.

"Very well, sir," nodded Kincaide, swallowing his disappointment.

At every act of swallowing, germs are carried into the stomach.

Verelst, swallowing his disappointment, retorted: "Incoherence is easy too."