Swamped [verb]

Definition of Swamped:

overwhelm, flood

Synonyms of Swamped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swamped:

Sentence/Example of Swamped:

At one moment you might have thought it swamped, for no sign of it could be detected.

It was one of those moments when a man's hope is swamped in present difficulties.

In the uproar forward, Madden heard the cries: "Th' dinghy's swamped!"

Her pupils had dilated until the irises were swamped in black.

I 'm just as hurried as that boy of yours was when he swamped the powder-magazine.

They had attempted to land from a steamer, and their small boat was swamped.

Put her through, then; we shan't be much longer if we don't get swamped.

How entirely by his own strong effort had he swamped his legal expectations!

"We shall be swamped with 'freshies' soon," grunted the owner of the spirit-lamp.

They were well built, and well managed too, or they would to a certainty have been swamped.