Swampy [adjective]

Definition of Swampy:


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Sentence/Example of Swampy:

Coming to the edge of the swampy clearing we saw a strange sight.

As far as she could see stretched a low, swampy marsh of wet land.

Darkness of smoke, denseness of forest growth, treachery of swampy soil!

They did not pay so much attention to the swampy ground at either end.

Must be wrong,” he thought, “for the river banks were swampy.

How are we to communicate with you right away in that swampy forest?

In those days the central part of our land was warm and swampy.

Certain cedars and cypresses like swampy places where no other trees will grow.

The old remedy, you see, is not available, for this side of the lake is low and swampy.

Not a sound was to be heard; scarcely a bird did we see in the swampy shades.