Swashbucklers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Swashbucklers:

They kept a swashbuckler court in their little Manx kingdom.

And what was that swashbuckler Feraud doing there, he wondered.

He has in him more of the swashbuckler and the bully than of the courtier and the cavalier.

I pick my company, and I refuse to drink with a swashbuckler and a roysterer.

He was a swashbuckler whom Callot would have loved to paint.

Could they find a swashbuckler willing to assail the present incumbent?

A brawler and a swashbuckler upon the hillsides was I.' Kim bit back a smile.

When I came up I looked like a swashbuckler in one of Scudry's plays.

The hand of every swashbuckler in the empire would be against him.

But the "swashing blow" strikes home, and if the Unionist bucklers are beaten down thereby, let who likes cry "swashbuckler!"