Swathed [verb]

Definition of Swathed:


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Sentence/Example of Swathed:

His legs were swathed in duffel leggings, so that they appeared to be of enormous size.

Others were swathed in their blankets smoking in solemn silence.

For three days Mrs. Ellis had swathed her head in white and her soul in black.

They cut off some more of his hair and swathed his head in wet cloths.

Not until they had swathed the girl in cooling bandages did any one speak.

McAlpin, swathed in bandages, made no bones about accusing the common enemy.

John approached one of the surgeons, swathed in sterilized clothes and apron.

Have I been swathed in blankets till I have been even deprived of motion?

His head was swathed in dirty bandages, and a bottle was on the table beside him.

It was limp and heavy, it was swathed in sheets, like a lay figure or a mummy.