Swathes [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Swathes:

He would not be at the pains even to swathe his own legs or strap his own sandals.

Swathe the body in the thickest of non-conductors of heat, and what happens?

They sometimes so swathe the peaks with light as to abolish their definition.

Where the swathe of the scythe is wide men's souls expand in heart qualities.

They swathe their bodies from neck to ankle with gaily coloured calico.

They swathe their heads in old lace which declines to drape gracefully about their cheeks.

The Chinese swathe the feet of their infant females; and they are not only small, but weak.

"He said it made the swathe better there than any where else," they reply.

Pitou was literally buried beneath the swathe, and bathed by the warm and nauseating stream.

And all unseen by you a host of heaven-sent fatuities swathes him about, even, maybe, as they swathe you about.