Swaying [verb]

Definition of Swaying:

move back and forth

Synonyms of Swaying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swaying:

Sentence/Example of Swaying:

The women are keening softly and swaying themselves with a slow movement.

He swung his hands back and forth, swaying his graceful body with them.

Now the metal eye was directly under their swaying starboard.

The falling leaves are whispering in the grove to the swaying boughs.

Amidst all this void came a low tic-tac from the swaying pendulum.

She was swaying; her companion steadied her, but he was swaying himself.

They gripped each other now, swaying, locked together, staggering.

It rose straight up, tilting and swaying in the light breeze.

The monument was swaying, was swinging from side to side, but it did not quite fall—not then.

Caroline, swaying, put a hand on the table to steady herself.