Swearing [noun]

Definition of Swearing:

foul language

Synonyms of Swearing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swearing:


Sentence/Example of Swearing:

What harm can that swearing coachman do, I should like to know, in the street yonder?

Hear them swearing at this moment, boys of five, paddling in the water there!

But he insisted on swearing, standing with one hand upraised, his eyes on her.

Besides, a man must have an audience when he is an expert in swearing.

Those that lost on Lucretia are swearing the mare was pulled.

You can never perjure yourself by swearing to a false opinion.

I was praying most fervently in my last sheet, and I must not so soon fall a swearing in this.

Won't there be some swearing in the Argus when that appears!

Young Badman 'was greatly given also to swearing and cursing.'

She could hear him trying to strike some matches, and swearing.