Sweated [noun]

Definition of Sweated:

body's perspiring

Synonyms of Sweated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweated:

Sentence/Example of Sweated:

The sweat glistened on their bodies, but their eyes gleamed fanatically.

Great beads of sweat stood on his brow and he wiped them away with his sleeve.

Then I saw a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead, and I knew that he was beaten.

It was terrible work, like earning a living with the sweat of the brow.

The sweat oozed from his shiny forehead as he backed cautiously away.

In this manner they fill their whole house with tobacco, and leave it to sweat and dry.

The sweat had curled Mukhorty's coat between his legs and on his neck.

Then he sunk down in a chair all limp and sick like, and wiped the sweat off of his face.

Then we went down, being in a sweat to know what the letter said.

Our agriculture is precarious, and 27 every carrot is bought by the sweat of our brow.