Sweaters [noun]

Definition of Sweaters:

knitted jacket or jersey

Synonyms of Sweaters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweaters:


Sentence/Example of Sweaters:

I've just tipped the scales at a hundred-and-three in my sweater.

I used the sweater as I did the arm-chair when I did not have visitors.

We say that a sweater is red; really the sweater is not red, but the light that it reflects to our eyes is red.

Explain why ice is packed in straw or sawdust; why a sweater keeps you warm.

He turned up part of the sleeve of the sweater and put it to his lips.

If too hot, wrap the stone in a shirt or sweater or wait for it to cool off.

A substitute struggled out of his sweater and came racing on.

But meantime I was pulling off my sweater and fastening on a life belt.

And her most precious possessions were Marjorie's pink dress and sweater!

He had a sweater, tied by the sleeves, around his shoulders.