Sweatiest [adjective]

Definition of Sweatiest:

damp with perspiration

Synonyms of Sweatiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweatiest:


Sentence/Example of Sweatiest:

He was a sight; wet and dirty and sweaty from running, and scared.

The gardener wiped his sweaty forehead with the inside of his wrist.

His hat was pushed back, uncovering a forehead seamed and sweaty.

What hot and sweaty memories are linked with that word, haying!

And Mitch took off his hat and let the wind blow through his sweaty hair.

If the feet be sweaty, rub them with the cayenne lotion (see).

The face he felt was hot, sweaty, with a bushy mustache—one of the Armenians.

We were sweaty, eaten by flies and mosquitoes, and covered with mud.

He silently pointed to their hanging heads and sweaty flanks.

Joe took his hat off and brushed his sweaty face with a gloved hand.