Sweating [adjective]

Definition of Sweating:


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Sentence/Example of Sweating:

Wit, lad, is a catching thing, like the itch or the sweating sickness.

The stranger dies, while the Indian, sweating and gasping for breath, survives.

We be'n sweating this other man, Slattery, but we can't break him down.

The sweating bodies of the fighters glistened in the roasting sunshine.

The crowd swayed against the ropes, and there was laughter and sweating and squinting.

He was breathing hard and sweating at every pore, but still grim and defiant.

He looked as though he had come off sweating from before a furnace.

My nostrils were filled with the steam from his sweating skin.

The light showed the pale, sweating face trembling with fear.

But Froben's press will be sweating over our studies none the less.