Sweepers [noun]

Definition of Sweepers:

person who cleans and maintains

Synonyms of Sweepers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweepers:


Sentence/Example of Sweepers:

It was so still, not even a sweeper to break the blessed peace.

If you are only a sweeper, be glad that you were not born a pig or a cobra.

But you won't need a sweeper for the floor of the porch, Berta.

A broom is best, because you cant get around the corners with a sweeper.

Ten minutes later the sweeper's signal whistle was repeated.

Though he has been a groom or a sweeper, he is buried like some great land-owner.

She no longer wants to be the cook, the mender, the sweeper of the house!

The tree was what in the voyageur's nomenclature is known as a "sweeper."

Peter was a sweeper who was always on the look-out for an excuse.

More oil than is needed only gathers dust and gums the sweeper.